Steven Donahue to Showcase Expertise at IEEE Expo

IEEE 2024


[Anaheim, CA, May 6-9] – We are pleased to announce that Steven Donahue, has been named President of Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Co. Steven will be present at the upcoming IEEE Expo. The event is scheduled for May 6-9, and attendees can meet Mr. Donahue at Booth #3260.

With over sixteen years of dedicated service in substation engineering, Steven Donahue has carved out a niche as an expert in manufacturing, project management, product development, engineering management, and project engineering. His career includes ten impactful years at Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Co., three years with a leading competitor, and three years working at Southern Company, providing him with a broad and comprehensive perspective on the industry’s needs and challenges.

Steven is a Registered Professional Engineer known for his strong track record in delivering tangible results and fostering team accountability. His expertise particularly shines in the realm of high-voltage switches, where he has spent thirteen years honing his skills and leading innovative projects.

IEEE 2024

During the IEEE Expo, Steven will be available to discuss the latest advancements in switch technology, share insights about extensive projects we have underway at Royal, and explore potential solutions for enhancing substation operations and efficiency.

Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Co. invites industry professionals, engineers, and attendees interested in the latest technologies and trends in the electrical grid sector to visit Booth #3260. Engage with Steven Donahue to gain valuable insights into optimizing your operations and advancing your projects with cutting-edge solutions.

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Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Co. is a leading provider of critical components for the electrical grid, including advanced switches and connectors designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of power systems worldwide.