Manufacturing High Voltage Products Since 1914

Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Company has been supporting the growth of the electric power industry for over 100 years. Our high-voltage switch manufacturers provide reliable hookstick disconnect switches and group operated disconnect switches from 7kV through 345kV (600A thru 5000), along with utility specific designs and substation power connectors. Some of our high-quality products include Vee Center Break, Center break, Vertical Break, Double End Break, Side Break, Ground Switch, and a line of substation class power connectors, with types such as; Tee, Terminal, Stud, Bar, Bus Support, Coupler, Junction Boxes, Flexible Braid, Spring Strain Bus Assemblies, and Grounding Clamps. With a focus on customer service, we are perfectly positioned to be the first choice for all of our customers’ various requirements and needs every time.