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Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Company

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Royal Switchgear – History and Vision


Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Company, located in Bessemer Alabama, has been supporting the growth of the electric power industry for over 100 years. Founded in Chicago in 1914, the business was relocated to Saint Louis in 1983 and then moved to Bessemer 1994. With ownership continuity for 32 years, Royal has grown to be among the most recognized manufacturing companies in the power utility component sector.

Purchased by Power Grid Components in 2019, Royal Switchgear has never been better positioned for growth. With a specific focus on customer service, best in class quality, and new product development, Royal will build on its legacy as one of the top switchgear manufacturers and a valuable partner to the utility industry.

As one of the top switchgear manufacturers, Royal offers a complete product line of high-quality group operated and hook stick disconnect switches up to 345kV, along with utility specific designs and substation power connectors. Royal Switchgear is the reliable choice who works with clients to best meet their specific requirements each and every time.