RVI38 Vacuum Interrupter

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The Royal type RVI38 vacuum interrupter is an economical way to convert an air break switch into a load break switch. The interrupter may be added to the following Royal switches – vertical break, side break, vee, center-break, and Type BT hookstick switches. Consult factory for switch types not listed.

-Full load switching at system voltages up to 38kV line-line.

-Loop splitting and parallel switching up to 170 kV provided maximum recovery voltages are not exceeded.

-Vacuum switch is enclosed in a fiberglass housing and encapsulated in a dielectric foam to protect and seal from the environment for years of maintenance-free service.

-Not a one shot device; the RVI38 can provide reliable full load interruptions time after time.

-High speed contact separation for reliable interruption inde- pendent of the speed of operation of the air break switch.

-The RVI38 does not adversely impact the electrical ratings of the disconnect switch. The current flows through the interrupter only briefly during the opening operation
of the disconnect switch.

Substation Hookstick Switches
7.5 – 161kV

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