BLT Truss Blade

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The type BLT Truss Blade offers the same features as the BLT Parallel blade but with increased blade rigidity for severe service conditions.


-8.3KV through 38KV
-600A & 900A Continuous Current
-Furnished with hooks for loadbreak tool
-REA/RUS approved
-Compact design for crossarm or pole top mounting.
-Simple, sure latch mechanism.
-Double-tongue latch contact for extra contact surface.
-Operable with portable loadbreak tool.
-All contacts silver plated.
-All live parts of hard-drawn copper, cast copper, or high-conductivity bronze.
-Extensive terminal options

Distribution Hookstick Switches
Type BLT
Switch Style:
BLT Truss Blade
7.5 - 34.5kV
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